Catholic Annulment Procedure  

The Catholic Church grants annulment of marriage under its own set of rules. The petitioner at the first instance is required to obtain divorce from the civil court. A person married in the Catholic Church can plea to have the marriage annulled, and there is no obligation that he or she has to remarry.

The former spouse is informed by the church about the annulment process being undertaken. The church does not expect the former spouse to take part in the procedure or concur to the annulment. Before forwarding the case to the church, certain documents have to be ready, like copies of divorce verdict countersigned by the jury, marriage certificate of the church, civil marriage license and certificate of baptismal. The case can be initiated at parish level or can be put forward to the tribunal directly.

Two or more people who are willing can be introduced as witnesses. Witnesses can be friends or members of the petitioner’s family. The witnesses should have the ability to talk about the marriage at stake and respond with no hesitation.

The next step would be the accumulation of the entire facts which confirms that the marriage was illogical. These facts are further defended by the defender of bond which supports the legitimacy of the marriage. The church jury then pen down their verdict, which is notified to the petitioner and his or her spouse.

The cost involved in this entire process is not much, roughly $500. A case is never declined due to shortage of funds. At times after reimbursing the initial expenses incurred during submission of case, the church allows the balance amount to be paid in installments or it may clear up certain expenses.

The time involved in the entire process usually does not take more than 16 months if all the documents and facts presented are accurate.

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How-To-Get-An-Annulment      Annulment actually wipes out a marriage completely. To get an annulment, the first thing required is to prove that marriage was false. A person seeking annulment has to find out the grounds based on which annulment can be granted. A lawyer is needed to understand the case and submit it in the court. Alternatively the case can be submitted in the church through a priest if the seeker was married in a church. However, this form of annulment is not legally recognized, and person will still be considered legally married. More..




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