How To Get An Annulment ?  

Annulment actually wipes out a marriage completely. To get an annulment, the first thing required is to prove that marriage was false. A person seeking annulment has to find out the grounds based on which annulment can be granted. A lawyer is needed to understand the case and submit it in the court. Alternatively the case can be submitted in the church through a priest if the seeker was married in a church. However, this form of annulment is not legally recognized, and person will still be considered legally married.

Annulling a marriage is quite different from a divorce. In the former, marriage at the first instance is considered null and void and there are no obligations of spousal support. However, when it comes to division of property, debts and child custody the rules governing are similar.

A person looking for annulment has to produce certain evidences which can prove that he or she got into the union of marriage by mistake. There are few conditions for annulling a marriage such as either or both were under age at the time of marriage, they share a close blood relation, forcing for a marriage or concealing a previous legal marriage. Even being mentally incapacitated, suppressing impotency, previous criminal case, fraud or sexually transmitted disease are also valid reasons for obtaining annulment.

If the spouse has one of the above stated conditions, then annulment can proceed. The estimated cost for annulment would range from $2,000 to $4,000. The length of marriage should be less than four years.

An apt lawyer can help in getting an annulment. After reporting the case, number of documents has to be filled, such as income sources, division of assets, reasons of annulment. The annulment process would normally take five to six months to complete.

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Procedures-In-Annulment-Of-Marriage      Annulment of marriage is a legal procedure. The gateway to annulment process is to ascertain the reasons behind annulling a marriage. There could be various reasons for instance the spouse has not attained the legal marriageable age or the spouses have some genetic connection that they did not disclose at the time of getting married. Illegally concealing some facts such as impotency, sexually transmitted disease, prior illicit condemnation or that a spouse is already legally married are some of the grounds for annulment of marriage. There could be few other common reasons also like forcible marriage or unstable mental and physical state. More..




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