Reasons For Annulment  

The genesis of annulment dates back to Henry VII, who annulled four marriages out of six. Earlier, annulment was most common in churches, and was often considered as a religious procedure. The Catholic Church has its own rules governing marriages that take place in the church. Anyone seeking a marriage in church if he or she does not get the approval from church, the marriage cannot be considered annulled despite the court's nod.

In the present circumstances annulment is rarely asked for. Divorce has it own advantages because it clearly depicts the division of properties and child custody issues. However, in short term marriages where child custody is not often an important aspect and where sharing of marital assets is rarely considered, marriage annulment is an easier solution.

Annulment of marriage considers marriage as if it was not a reality. To prove it, the jury requires certain evidences. Once these evidences are proved accurate the marriage is finally annulled. The reasons behind annulling a marriage are:-

1. Deception -- This is one of the most common reasons for annulling a marriage. Documenting unreal facts in the marriage certificate is a kind of deception.

2. Concealment -- Concealing previous criminal backgrounds or unclear debts.

3. Forcible marriage -- If a spouse is threatened or forcefully directed towards marriage.

4. Falsifying Age -- If a couple is found to be below 18 years when the marriage was solemnized.

5. Incapability -- When a person has unstable mental state and is under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

6. Biological connections -- If the couple is found to be genetically related.

7. Illegitimate marriages -- If either of the spouses is found to be already married at the time of second marriage.

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Understanding-Annulment-Paper-Work      An annulment is a religious or legal way to get out of a marriage which is an illusion. The word illusion would actually imply that marriage was undertaken in some circumstances where one of the spouses was either cheated or forced. Another most common reason could be that they were underage. There are many factors which can annul a marriage. The petitioner at first must understand which factor affects him the most. More..




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