Understanding Annulment Paper Work  

An annulment is a religious or legal way to get out of a marriage which is an illusion. The word illusion would actually imply that marriage was undertaken in some circumstances where one of the spouses was either cheated or forced. Another most common reason could be that they were underage. There are many factors which can annul a marriage. The petitioner at first must understand which factor affects him the most.

After ascertaining the reasons, contact a nearby reliable family court lawyer and enquire about an annulment form. The annulment form asks to fill the necessary reasons for annulment. These forms are available in the court or can be downloaded online from the court's website.

After filling out the required information, one must keep in mind that related documents and witnesses are kept in order to support the reasons. Both the spouses must endorse their particulars in the form and put their signatures at the end. One mandatory requirement is that both the spouses should be stationed at the same place. In case this does not happen, one can file the case from the home state where the marriage took place.

The petitioner will be then asked to appear in the court at a given time and date. The family court clerk needs to be paid his fees for hearing of the case. Next whenever there is a hearing, the spouse will be notified and will be required to be present along with all the witnesses and supporting documents.

Unless all the facts are thoroughly investigated, the case goes on. Once the court is satisfied, annulment is granted. If the court disagrees with the facts and subsequently annulment is rejected, then one can appeal for a divorce through a separate case.

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Understanding Annulment Paper Work )
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