What Is A Marriage Annulment ?  

Annulling a marriage actually means nullifying it as if it never happened. It is a complete lawful process which can be either obtained through a court or a church. The party must meet certain criteria before appealing for annulment of marriage. Different jurisdictions have different guidelines for annulment of marriage. However, the underlying fact remains same in all and that is falsification.

Marriage annulment concept is rarely used by a party since the advent of no fault divorce. The jury demands the same procedure for annulment of marriage as done in divorce like filing a petition, summons and additional documents that supports annulment.

In the Catholic Church, the first step towards annulment is filing a petition. After the courts permission, it is a complete religious process. The most important requirement of the Catholic Church is that the marriage in question should have been solemnized in the church.

Marriages which are of shorter duration, mostly less than three years, generally ask for annulment. The short term marriages do not have obligations of division of assets, debts and child custody. In case of long term marriages, the procedure adopted for child custody is similar to that in a divorce.

One must keep in mind that to annul a marriage at least one of the spouses must stay in the state regularly for ninety days where the petitioner has filed the case. When the party is from defense forces, the requirement is that the spouse be posted in a particular state for 90 consecutive days.

The reasons of annulling could be marriage before reaching the age of a major, mentally or physically incapacitated, threat or compulsion, criminal behavior, history of any debt case, impotency and denial of sexual intercourse, the couple belongs to same family which means the spouses have close blood relation, and hiding a previous legal marriage.

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What Is A Marriage Annulment ? )
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