What Is Annulment ?  

When a person gets married, there are several vows that exchanged between the partners. One such promise that they make is to be with each other throughout their lives and to sustain their marriage till their deaths. But in the modern times, people who are not able to cope up with their marriage problems and decide going for a divorce. Annulment is another solution that can help end a marriage in a better manner than divorce.

Annulment is basically a legal action that makes a marriage completely void and dissolved. This is treated in manner as if the event never ever happened. In most of the cases, it is granted because of the fact that the marriage appeared illegal although the grounds may differ as per individual cases. Annulment is considered to be quite socially acceptable as compared to divorce and that is the reason that more and more people are now choosing this option above divorce.

Annulment is not that easy as there are certain conditions which need to be met before seeking a marriage annulment. Any of the partners can initiate the proceedings of marriage annulment but in mostly such annulments are granted for short marriages, those which are less than one year. There are several grounds on which a person can seek annulment; there must be a valid reason behind filing an annulment and such reasons need to be proved in front of the courts.

There are two types of annulments; namely legal annulment and religious annulment, but they are extremely different from each other. But there is one thing that is common about both these types of annulments. The rule states that the children out of the marriage are illegitimate.

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What Is Annulment ?

What-Is-The-Difference-Between-Annulment-And-Divorce      Divorce and marriage annulments, both are legal ways of ending a marriage but still they are different in various ways. While an annulment refers to the legal procedure canceling the marriage and making it void completely, divorce is actually a dissolution or end of a marriage. Whereas an annulment creates conditions where it is considered that no such marriage ever happened or eliminates it legally, divorce ends the existing marriage through legal ways after which both the partners are free to remarry. More..




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What Is Annulment ? )
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