Facts About Child Abuse  

Children are the torch bearers of any nation. Incapacitation of children through abuse will yield fresh cases of violence in the future. Children have the right to protection, and none of them should be abused at any point of time.

Child abuse has multifaceted replications on their psychological, social and physical behavior. The resultant of abuse could be devastating for a nation.

A UNICEF report has revealed that around twenty percent of girls and around 5 percent of boys are the victims of child abuse globally. The victims of child abuse are generally those who have no guardian, or those who have been abandoned by parents and live on the streets. Lack of protection and care make them susceptible to child abuse.

In some countries, many children are forcefully inducted in armed groups making them victims of child abuse. The girls are more prone to abuse; they are sexually exploited from a very tender age and are asked to serve as partners for the soldiers. In countries where social aid workers and peacekeeping force are deployed, they exploit children as human slaves and abuse them sexually. Children living in refugee camps are vulnerable to rape, slavery and various other forms of child abuse.

Child abuse not only occurs in the above cited surroundings but it may take place in the most commonly locations like home and school. In many schools corporal punishment is a regular feature. Girls are often subjected to abusive sexual remarks and rape which results in early drop outs. At home many parents take corporal punishment as a means to discipline them. Beating and verbal abuses are the most common methods adopted by majority of parents to control children. However, these are also forms of child abuse.

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