Opinions On Child Abuse  

With the increase in public awareness over the issue of child abuse, there has been a definite decrease in the incidences of this shameful act. Public awareness has a multi-fold positive effect on child abuse.

Firstly, it helps people to comprehend the causes and aids in the prevention of the problem, thereby making the population by and large more alert and vigilant towards the issue.

Secondly, it helps to transform parents who indulge in the act unintentionally confusing some of their acts to be forms of disciplining.

Lastly, such kind of mobility on the issue encourages many abused children to stand up and fight for themselves. Public opinion leads to brainstorming and generation of better ideas to prevent this heartless conduct.

Many opine that child abuse is an unfortunate fact of our lives. As long as the human race exists, there will be the prevalence of abuse in some form or the other as human behavior has a constant dark shade associated to it. There are others who believe that one may not be able to eradicate the problem but certainly control measures can be implemented.

The best remedy according to many is awareness and intolerance. Let the society as a whole take up the issue very seriously and adopt a completely intolerant attitude towards this misbehavior. Also, our entertainment forms need to co-ordinate with this kind of thinking. The media should not reduce the intensity of the issue by adding humor to it in any form.

There are many who condemn the US Attorney General supporting the reduction of penalty for child pornographers. While some people canvass working on the abused by motivating them to speak the truth and report the abuse; there are others who support the stigmatization of the abuser. In general, people agree that children at a very young stage should be imparted the knowledge to differentiate between a good and bad touch. Also, groups of survivors can get together and bring to limelight the dreadful impact of abuse in every sphere of their lives.

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