Solutions To Child Abuse  

The records of Centers for Disease Control demonstrate that approximately 900,000 children are subjected to some type of abuse each year in the US. The month of April marks the Child Abuse Prevention Month. In order to take concrete steps towards finding solutions for child abuse, one first needs to have a thorough insight on the subject.

There are some very strong false beliefs linked to child abuse. Most people live in a state of denial believing that this is not such a major problem and that our family members are too sophisticated for indulging in such acts. This section of people credits such behavior to either mentally disturbed individuals or occurring in poverty stricken families. However, none of these notions is correct. Child abuse is a recurrent in all sections of society.

Parents need to understand that child abuse can occur in any family across the globe irrespective of financial strata, culture or religion. Once this concept is established well within people, each person will be more vigilant towards the prevention of this conduct. Parental forms of abuse often result from stress and inability to cope with a situation with patience. The formula to refrain from such problems is to move away from the sight of stress, take a deep breath, gather your patience and do not hesitate to seek professional guidance.

Parents also need to be imparted information on the physical complications related to one of the most common forms of abuse, shaken baby syndrome. In families where finance is not an issue, baby sitters can be hired to take care of the baby when alone. Parents should be encouraged to enroll in abuse preventive programs for knowledge enhancement. There are many organizations that offer visiting services to impart parenting skills to young first time parents. Children should also be equipped with the prudence to differentiate between a 'good' and a 'bad' touch. Also, parents must verify the license of the day care centers before admitting their children in the same.

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