Theories Of Child Abuse  

Child abuse has been a topic of research for many decades now. The various studies conducted in this field have furnished 6 theories linked to child abuse, showcasing the core causes of the problem.

The Social Learning Theory highlights the concept of the 'cycle of violence'. This concept suggests that children emulate the behavior of adults and finally put it into practice. Most abusers are those who were abused themselves at one stage in their childhood.

The Attachment Theory lays stress on the bond between the child and parent. The closer the bond, the better is the relationship. The theory reflects 4 types bonding namely; secure, preoccupied, dismissive and fearful. The latter three forms of bonding could render the children susceptible to abuse.

The Ecological Theory suggests that child abuse and neglect are a consequence of multiple parameters that include the individual, family, community and culture.

The Family Systems Theory canvasses the ideology of having the root cause of abuse within the family itself. For example, in cases of incestuous relationship between the father and daughter, it is the mother’s role that holds key importance. Her silence can be interpreted as approval that further promotes the abuse.

The Self–Efficacy Theory highlights those parents who believe that they cannot be effective in their role of parenting without abuse.

Lastly, the Resiliency Theory suggests that not all survivors of abuse end up as unbalanced personalities owing to the trauma of the event. The extent of damage is influenced by aspects such as harshness and frequency of abuse, age of the victim, and relationship with the abuser. Also, factors that could assist in healing the trauma include social acceptance, parental affection, and the constant support of a prudent adult.

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What-Is-Child-Abuse      Any form of communication or transaction that could lead to consequences of humiliation, shame or fear; or any offensive move towards a child’s body falls under the head of child abuse. There are experts in the field who extend the framework of child abuse to failure of nurturing a child with adequate care as well. More..




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