Worst Child Abuse Cases In United States  

Child abuse is prevalent in the US in absolutely astonishing ratios. There are incidences of abuse that one shudders even to read, imagine the plight of those who undergo them. This inhuman conduct has been reported in various families throughout the country for decades now. The most severe consequence of child abuse is death.

In the year 1974 in New York, a pregnant lady was held for murdering her own two and a half years old daughter. The child’s body was discovered with lacerations and bruises. In a case of two forms of child abuse within the same house, in 1977 Linda Fay Burchfield from Washington was claimed guilty of keeping her 9 years old daughter in a closet for four years. The child was found to weigh only twenty-three pounds and she was no more than three feet in height. And, the husband was charged for raping the elder 13 years old daughter resulting in pregnancy.

In the 1980s, came to limelight the most embarrassing Catholic sex abuse cases. These included sex crimes committed by the Catholic priests and other religious members. These cases of abuse were initially highlighted in US, Canada and Ireland, however later the same was reported in many other nations as well.

The satanic ritual abuse struck the US in the decade of the 80s. It spread across the globe to other nations. This moral panic finally declined towards the end of the 1990s. The SRA encompassed physical and sexual abuse in the name of satanic rituals.

The Mc Martin preschool trial of the 1980s was another very prominent sexual abuse case in the US. Children enrolled in this day care where reported to be sexually abused by the day care owners, the Mc Martin family. Unfortunately, despite the investigations, arrests and long drawn trial, the case came to an end in the year 1990 with no charges levied on any of the accused.

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Worst Child Abuse Cases In United States )
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