How To Tell A Child About Adoption ?  

Most children who are adopted are done so at a very early age. Growing up in their adoptive home, they grow to believe that they are the biological children of their adoptive parents. Some parents choose to tell the adopted child at a certain age of the process they went through, and about the child’s life and his adoption.

Usually, the adoptive parents wait for the child to be a certain age, when they are more mature emotionally and physically. This is one of the most critical phases in an adopted child’s life. Unfortunately, if the parent fails to handle the situation correctly, it can become very traumatic for the child. Also, the reaction of the child also depends on the individual mentality and mindset.

All children, whether adopted or living with their biological families, begin to form an identity of their own around puberty and continue to shape their personality through their teenage years. A sense of self begins to build when the child is very young and goes on to understand his own strengths, socio-economic background and culture. Adopted children may feel detached or isolation if the parents do not tell them more about their original background. They can develop distorted personalities unless they know they come from a different background and parent.

In the past, experts urged parents not to tell their children they were adopted and to maintain the fiction that the child was born into the family. The main disadvantage with this school of thought was in case the child discovered the information on his own by finding an adoption decree or other revealing document, it could have an immensely adverse effect on his emotional health.

It is wiser to let out the truth gradually, in a building block fashion. This allows the child to absorb the information gradually over the years, as he or she becomes better able to understand difficult concepts. Sometimes, adoptive parents rush in with a lot of information which creates confusion in the child’s immature young mind.

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How To Tell A Child About Adoption

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How To Tell A Child About Adoption ? )
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