International Child Adoption Statistics  

Today, international adoption has become increasingly popular with adoptive families worldwide. Child adoption in some regions and countries in the world is more common and popular than in others, irrespective of their population size. Recently, the average number of adoptions has increased significantly. With celebrity adoptions on the rise, adoptions are more popular and common.

Population statistics of international child adoption provided by the CIA World Fact Book cites the top eleven countries that have accommodated adoptions to citizens are namely Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, United States, France, Netherlands, Canada, Italy, Finland, and Australia. Conversely, the countries that provided the most orphans for international adoption were China, Ethiopia, India, South Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines.

An interesting factor in adoptions is that the adoption percentage of girls globally is much larger than that of the boys. Another statistic shows that most orphaned children in the last decade were from the Southeast Asian countries. This was because of the wars fought in this region which left many children from the military families orphans. Around a million plus children living in European countries live in foster care or orphanages.

Today, nearly ninety percent of the children adopted in all countries are less than five years of age, and the rest are children adopted who are over ten years of age. Most of the children from inter-country adoptions were from China while American parents are known to seek the highest number of adoptions worldwide. Adoptions in the European countries drastically increased after the Second World War, which resulted in many children being homeless or in orphanages. In South America, Guatemala has the largest number of adoptions. While, in India, the last 15 years, has seen a five fold increase in domestic adoptions. However, the number of international adoptions is just at the same level, if not decreasing.

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International Child Adoption Statistics

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International Child Adoption Statistics )
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