What Effect Does Adoption Have On A Child Life ?  

Children adopted at an early age from an orphanage grow up believing the adopted family as their own. They believe this family to be their first and only family. However, it is different when older children in their adolescence are adopted. It becomes tougher for them to adapt to the new life at that stage of their life.

Adoption has both positive and negative effects on children. Sometimes, the effects of adoptions are uncommon and usually not considered. Sometimes, an adopted child may feel insecure about the new family and miss his previous family. This can make him believe that he was rejected by his former family. The child may also feel ashamed that he has been adopted by the new family. Such children can grow up with a mixed emotion of isolation and lack of commitment.

Adoption can impact children at school, both educationally and socially. If a child is grieving or remembering his biological family, it can affect his ability to concentrate and learn.  Again, if these kids are teased on the playground by classmates for being “given away” by his "real" parents, it has a tremendous negative social effect on the children's young minds. The teasing and bullying can also affect self-esteem, which can affect the overall performance in school.  

Adoptions also have immense positive effects. It gives the child a feeling of gratitude that a family chose to take care of him or her. The child receives a lot of love, affection and support in a stable home.

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What Effect Does Adoption Have On A Child Life

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What Effect Does Adoption Have On A Child Life ? )
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