Getting Joint Custody Of Your Teenager  

Joint or shared physical custody is a form of custody where the child’s time is divided between the each divorced parent's home.

This type of arrangement works best when both the parents are able to work well together for the benefit of the child. When there is a conflict between the parents, it opens the door for legal battles over the child.

When the child is below 18 or 15 in some states and if you have joint custody of your child, then you can get it enforced through court, but if your child is above 15 years of age then you can only pursue your child to live with you. Several dynamics converge during the teenage years to make joint custody really challenging. You can get the custody of your teenager who is above 15 years of age through your love, affection and mutual understanding and this can be done by participating in his daily activities and social life.

Teenagers relate best to their parents while engaging in meaningful and mutual activity. Unlike kids who yearn for face-to-face interaction with parents, teens often prefer side-by-side interaction i.e. engaging in school projects, helping him/her to achieve their goals, or meeting a challenge together. Things may have changed, but you can still sustain a relationship with your teenager. It will take some grace and grit to maintain a healthy connection with a teenager who does not live with you. So go ahead send your daughter or son emails. Reach out as often as you can. Let your love flow to them in ways that are satisfying for both you and your teenager. Just love your teenaged child and love yourself, and express that love as purely as you can. This is a kind of powerful influence that they need to receive from you, and giving it will feel so much satisfying and better.

Soon your daughter or son will become 15 or 18 years old and would become free from the other parent's influence. They will be able to decide how much or how little interaction to have with you. Some states have an age law wherein if the child attains certain age or is a teenager, they will let him decide in court with whom they want to live with. When that day comes, greet them with open arms, wipe the bad memories of the past, and start anew.

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Getting Joint Custody Of Your Teenager

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Getting Joint Custody Of Your Teenager )
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