Joint Custody And Infant  

When it comes to joint custody and infant, certain things come into play. Custody for infants in quite different when compared to custody of older toddlers and children. Because infants are so small, both parents need to take into consideration the age and development. This is what makes joint custody of infants so difficult to handle.

According to psychologists, infants have short attention spans and require constant care. Therefore, when it comes to joint custody and infant, it may not be in the best interests of the infant to be bounced from one parent to another. As a parent, you should put the well-being of the infant first. The best possible solution should be that the infant remains with the parent who is the caregiver but often visits the other parent so that he or she grows up knowing both the parents.

No doubt the parent who the infant visits will find it hard to accept small visits but the needs of the infant should be placed first. A good part is that infants grow fast and before you know it, the infant will be ready for longer visits and if possible will be able to spend the nights with you too.

If joint custody is given, there will be constant change in the infant's life. This will cause too much chaos as infants need a constant. From the time an infant is born and till he is 2 years old, his basic needs of food, sleep and comfort have to be fulfilled. When these basic needs are fulfilled, the infant begins to form bonds of trust with the people he sees around him constantly. However, joint custody means the people who will be taking care of him will keep changing periodically and this will cause uncertainty and insecurity in the infant's life.

Therefore, when it comes to joint custody and infant, a lot of thought has to be given to the matter as emotional and mental development of the infant has to be taken into consideration.

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Joint Custody And Infant

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Joint Custody And Infant )
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