Joint Custody And Splitting Childrens Expenses  

Over the last couple of decades, joint custody has been given more preference than any other type of custody. Some states in the United States have laws to ensure that joint custody and splitting children's expenses become the most preferred custody arrangement.

In joint custody both parents split children's expenses pertaining to physical care and other legal responsibilities. Some times where joint custody and splitting children's expenses are concerned, if the divorce was not amicable, it can pose a problem. Both parents have to be able to cooperate so that they put the best interests of the children first.

When it comes to joint custody and splitting children's expenses, you should be prepared for an increase in the total expense of raising your children. Both parents have to provide housing and transportation individually and these requirements are year round. Children will be staying for some time with each parent and then they have to be transported each time this stay is made. In addition, there will be duplicate expense of toys, computers, clothes, books, health insurance and dental visits.

In joint custody, each parent has to contribute his or her share to bear the children's expenses. However, if one parent contributes less than what he or she owes, that particular parent will have make support payment to the other parent. For instance, if a father had to pay 60 percent of the children's expenses but only manages to pay 50 percent, the balance 10 percent payment would have to be made to the mother.

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Joint Custody And Splitting Childrens Expenses

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Joint Custody And Splitting Childrens Expenses )
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