Joint Maternal And Paternal Child Custody  

Joint maternal and paternal child custody basically means that divorced parents share physical custody of the child.

Both parents have the rights to decide how the child is brought up and they have to share expenses related to the child, including health insurance, clothes, school fees, outings, entertainment and etc.

Joint maternal and paternal child custody has become the preferred child custody arrangement in the United States in the last 20 years as studies have shown that presence of both parents in the life of the child is important for emotional and developmental well-being of the child.

Usually in joint maternal and paternal child custody, the child spends nearly equal time with both parents. This arrangement has to be decided upon by the parents. While some parents take the child every alternate month, others might take every alternate school semester or alternate season. This is known as joint physical custody.

When both parents take responsibility to raise the child and make important decisions related to the child, it is known joint legal custody. However, it is important for divorced parents to understand that a court can give joint legal custody without actually giving parents joint physical custody of the child. This is usually made taking into consideration the best interests of the child.

When it comes to joint maternal and paternal child custody, you and your spouse would have to sit together and chart out a joint custody agreement at the time of the divorce. This agreement can be used in court when you request joint custody or you may be ordered by the court to do it so that legal problems are avoided later on. When you are drafting the joint maternal and paternal child custody agreement, make sure you take into consideration what is best for your child while putting aside your differences. It can be difficult but you have to do it to ensure your child feels loved and wanted by both parents as divorce is hard on every child.

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Joint Maternal And Paternal Child Custody

Parents-Rights-In-Joint-Custody      Parents' rights in joint custody need to be understood so that you know what responsibilities you have towards your child after divorce. Joint custody is primarily of two types: legal and physical. When parents have joint legal custody, the non-residential parent has the right to decide on legal matters and other issues concerning the child. The parent can ask for all records from doctors or school and can decide on what is best for the child. In addition, the child will be permitted to come for over-nights stays with the non-residential parent based on the custody arrangements agreed upon at the time of divorce. More..




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Joint Maternal And Paternal Child Custody )
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