Parents Rights In Joint Custody  

Parents' rights in joint custody need to be understood so that you know what responsibilities you have towards your child after divorce.

Joint custody is primarily of two types: legal and physical. When parents have joint legal custody, the non-residential parent has the right to decide on legal matters and other issues concerning the child. The parent can ask for all records from doctors or school and can decide on what is best for the child. In addition, the child will be permitted to come for over-nights stays with the non-residential parent based on the custody arrangements agreed upon at the time of divorce.

In joint physical custody, the child spends time living with each parents and the parents have the obligation to provide everything for the child when the child is with them. The schedule for joint physical custody can be divided equally where the child spends 6 months with one parent and 6 months with the other in a year or it can be divided on 30/70 basis where the child spends 30 percent of the time with one parent and 70 percent with the other. However, the equal time sharing is more common these days and invariably joint physical custody is given along with joint legal custody.

Parents' rights in joint custody have to be understood well as both the father and mother have equal rights and powers. They have equally responsible for the welfare and education of the child and have the right to access all educational and medical records. In addition, the parents have the right to stop a child from participating in school activities or vice versa.

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Parents Rights In Joint Custody

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Parents Rights In Joint Custody )
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