Shared Phyiscal And Legal Custody  

Shared physical and legal custody in where the divorced parents are not only responsible for upbringing and welfare of the child but their also get the child to stay with them for longer periods of time based on the joint custody agreement that was mutually agreed upon at the time of the divorce.

In shared physical and legal custody, the parents have the rights to make decisions for the child's best interests. This includes making responsible decisions for the child's education, standard of living and medical treatments as and when required.

When parents have shared physical and legal custody, they are obligated to maintain separate homes for the child so that child can come and spend significant amount of time in each parent's home. This usually will work successfully if parents stay close to each other so that the child is not uprooted from his school and familiar surroundings each time he moves home. In addition, it does not disturb the child's normal routine.

Along with the physical custody when you have shared legal custody, you can make all decisions regarding how the child is brought up. This means that you can make decision about the child's schooling, medical care, religion, what activities he or she participates in etc.

When you have shared physical and legal custody with your ex-spouse, you cannot exclude him or her from any decision making process. If you do so, your ex-spouse can take you court to ensure that you follow the custody agreement. Although you will not get penalized nor will you go to jail, you will be embarrassed. In addition, it will cause bad blood between you and your ex-spouse which will not portent good for the emotional well-being of the child.

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Shared Phyiscal And Legal Custody

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Shared Phyiscal And Legal Custody )
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