What Is Meant By Sole Custody Of A Child ?   

What is meant by sole custody of a child? This is a question many people who are getting divorced want an answer to.

Sole custody of a child means that just one parent is given complete responsibility of the child's welfare and upbringing, and these rights are completely denied to the other parent.

Sole custody is usually granted when one parent is seen unfit to raise and parent the child. This is usually the case when one parent has a history of illicit drugs, alcohol, mental instability, violent behavior, sexual abuse or putting the child in a dangerous situation. In other words, when one parent shows all behaviors that could compromise the child or may not be in best interests of the child, the custody rights are given to the other parent. This is known as sole custody of a child.

Usually when you opt for a divorce, the family court will make a judgment on custody after taking the best interest of the child into consideration. If the court feels that the child will benefit from living with just one parent, then sole custody rights will be given to that particular parent. However, you should not approach the court for sole custody of a child just to spite your ex-spouse. This will not be viewed favorably by the family court and the judgment may just go against you. In addition, each state has its own laws governing sole custody of a child and a lot depends on the judge presiding over the case.

Remember, sole custody of a child is also of two types: legal and physical. In sole legal custody you make all the decisions that affect the child. This includes religion, schooling, healthcare, and activities. In sole physical custody, the child will live with you and you will be responsible for physical welfare of the child.

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What Is Meant By Sole Custody Of A Child

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