Who May File For Joint Custody Of A Minor ?   

When a couple divorce, their relationship with each other usually ends. However, their relationship with their child never ends; this is especially true when a minor child is involved. The parents after finalizing the divorce then try to work out the details of the custody agreement.

So, who may file for joint custody of a minor? The answer to this question is very simple. Parents of the child can file for joint custody of a minor. This custody can also be filed if the parents are not married to each other and the biological father has acknowledged his paternity and is doing his bit for the welfare and well-being of the child.

When parents have joint custody of a minor, they are both responsible for making decisions for the child. In addition, the child spends time with both parents based on a schedule and plan.

Usually the best way to resolve child custody of a minor is through mutual negotiations and dialogue. If this fails, then the court will take it upon itself to decide the matter. When the family court decides the matter, it will take into consideration what is best for the child and accordingly give the judgment. Therefore, in order to prevent being dissatisfied with the judgment, it is best to decide child custody through private agreement with you spouse which can then be furnished in the court.

In addition, even a relative can file for joint custody of a minor child. It has been seen that many grandparents in the United States are raising grandchildren. Most of these grandparents welcome this as they are able to provide a stable loving environment for the child. Usually a grandparent will ask for joint custody when a parent is either deceased or deemed unfit to raise the child.

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Who May File For Joint Custody Of A Minor

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