How To File Motion To Terminate Child Support  

Child support obligation does not automatically terminate when the child becomes major. A child support order/obligation will only terminate if a motion to terminate child support is granted by judge of the court. A person should file a motion to terminate child support approximately 30 to 40 days prior to the child's graduation from high school. If the child did not finish high school, then a person should file his or her motion 30 to 40 days prior to child's 18th birthday.

The person should mention the reason for the termination i.e. that your child has graduated high school or has turned 18. If there are other reasons like loss of job, unemployment or disability, you have to mention it and attach the necessary documents supporting your claims. It has to be signed, dated and notarized. You must pay the applicable fees to the court clerk and keep a copy of records and mail a copy to other parent. Then it can be mailed to the court office. It will take approximately 30 to 40 days for the court to schedule the hearing of the motion. After filing the motion to terminate child support, the attorney must submit proper documents and orders to the court so that the court authorities can amend its records. If the record is not updated, then the court's records will continue to show an arrearage which may cause problem in tax evaluation and inability to get passport.

Once the initial process is completed a hearing date will be set. You must attend the hearing and prove to the judge that a “change in circumstances” has occurred or the child has become a major. Provide all the documents to prove your point to the judge. Always bring the following financial information like copies of your check, pay stubs or income tax returns and age certificate of the child. If you have a job termination letter, bring it. Child support is officially terminated once it is approved by the court. The law states that if your child has turned 18 years of age, if he lives on his own joined military or is married, if your child no longer lives with the custodial parent and has moved in with you or you have move in with the custodial parent, you as a parent no longer have to pay child support.

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How To File Motion To Terminate Child Support

Legal-Advice-For-Child-Support      Child support is a payment by one parent to other often by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent for the support of their common child or children. The money is intended to help, support the raising of the child, which is in their best interest. Every state has its own way of calculating the amount of child support an ex-spouse is required to pay based on federal regulations. More..




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