Lowering Child Support  

Lowering your child support is sometimes becomes necessary due to change in circumstances such as loss of job, unemployment, serious illness or disability or bankruptcy. In order to lower child support for changed financial circumstances, a parent must justify the modification because of their inability to pay.

The following points will help you to get your child support lowered in such situation:

  • First of all find an experienced attorney in family law or an attorney who specializes in child support matters. As a professional he will be more familiar with most recent child support laws and will be able to explain the issues to the court more precisely and objectively and help defend your rights.
  • Visit your local family court and file a petition to modify child support. Let them know that there have been changes in your circumstances and ask if you can lower child support.
  • Keep accurate financial records of all your child support payments. If you have paid through the checks, get a photocopy of those checks. Also, submit necessary documents like updated income proof to support your claim. The judge overseeing your case will request detailed financial information. This will help him to determine a fair child support payment.
  • Prove the court that your circumstances have changed. If you have lost your job, become ill and are unable to work or start earning less money, the judge may take your changed financial circumstances into account and announce the judgment.
If the court is satisfied with your justification, then the court will issue a new child support order to be paid to the custodial parent on the grounds of “changed financial circumstances”. The new amount will generally be appropriate in light of the decreased ability to pay.

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Lowering Child Support

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Lowering Child Support )
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