VA And Child Support Enforcement  

The commonwealth of Virginia believes that every child has a right to receive support from both parents and everyone in Virginia is legally obligated to support the children they bring into the world.

Many times this right is violated when parents who aren’t living with their children don’t provide them the kind of financial care they are entitled to.

Because the lack of child support is a national concern, Congress passed a law in 1975 requiring every state to create an agency responsible for child support program in the state. In Virginia, that agency is the department of social services which includes the Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE). DCSE helps to strengthen families and reduce welfare dependency by ensuring that parents live up to the responsibility of the supporting children and strictly enforcing child support laws.

Child support enforcements occur only when non-custodial parents avoid their obligation and run away from sharing their responsibility. Virginia or VA child support states that if non-custodial parents refuses to pay support, then the custodial parents has the right to file a case to enforce child support.

Some of the enforcement acts that will occur when non-custodial parents avoids paying child support in Virginia are:

Taxes: Virginia child support agency will intercept all state and federal income tax return refund checks from all non-custodial parents who avoid paying child support.

License: Suspension of driving license is another form of action Virginia child support uses to enforce child support payment.

Assets confiscation: Any assets such as mutual funds, insurance policy, retirement funds or house or car can be confiscated or garnished if there is delay in child support payments.

If all the above measures fail then DCSE   helps the custodial parents to file a motion and take the non-custodial parents to the court and if the charges in the court are proved one may face jail term of 12 months.

To enforce child support program strictly the agencies often take the help of prosecuting attorney, district attorney, other law enforcement agencies and officials of family or domestic relations court. Apart from this DCSE also provide funding and services to the families who need some kind of financial support from non-custodial parents.

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Va And Child Support Enforcement

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