Can You File For A Divorce Without A Lawyer ?  

Divorce is often an ugly and very painful procedure. It is usually the last resort that any couple takes. Couples choosing to divorce have to go through the challenging situation of telling the children of their decision.

There are many legal and official procedures involved with a divorce. Procedures and paperwork like custody of the children, property, alimony, child support and many others. Also, a couple can file for divorce without a lawyer. Taking the service of a lawyer for the legalities can sometimes become a financial burden. An easier method would be for the parties involved to attempt solving the issues amongst themselves.

The only disadvantage with the parties involved who do not seek help from a lawyer is to represent themselves in court and also do the paperwork on their own. If the couple does not own any property and have no children, then legally ending their marriage is relatively simple. There are a number of books available for such procedures and the legal aid office can help to make the process a lot easier.

One can download the required documents and forms for filing divorce very easily through internet. There are several kits and books available to assist individuals to obtain a divorce without hiring a lawyer. It is advisable to contact the clerk’s office at the local court house to enquire for recommended resources for the procedures. One can also get the relevant information at the public library. The reference librarian can recommend books which should be read regarding his or her state of residence to facilitate the divorce process.

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Can You File For A Divorce Without A Lawyer

Divorce-Rate-Statistics      Divorce is a very painful procedure that involves lots of emotional pain and stress. The divorce rate has risen exponentially in the last few years. It is believed that in the United over fifty percent of the marriages end in divorce. Statistically, a person, who has more than one marriage, the chances with divorce increase with the second and consecutive marriages. More..




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Can You File For A Divorce Without A Lawyer ? )
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