Divorce Statistics In The United States  

Divorce statistics in the US may vary as per time but an average divorce rate is known to be 50 percent. It is believed that forty or fifty percent of marriages will end up with divorce if the existing trends are followed with the same pace. It has been observed that the divorce rates in the US for the first marriage as compared to the second or further marriages is 50 percent in first one, 67 percent in second and around 74 percent in further marriages.

As per the enrichment journal, the divorce rates of first marriage in the US is about 41 percent while that of second marriage accounts for 60 percent and third or further marriages is around 73 percent. The discovery channel claims that the divorce rates of couples having children are much lower than those without any child. Whereas there are experts who believe that childlessness itself is one of the causes of divorce. In the absence of children, people feel lonely and thus try to end the relation for entering into further marriages.

It has also been observed that divorced women those who have children stay under the poverty line and the chances of this kind of a condition for these women are four times stronger than the married women. Divorce appears to be a painful situation for the partners as well as for the rest of the family in terms of emotional support, financial stability and mental soundness. But it seems to affect the children the most.

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Divorce Statistics In The United States

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Divorce Statistics In The United States )
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