Does Divorce Have Negative Impact On Children ?  

Couples, before deciding on a divorce, must always consider the effect it might have on their children. Divorce not affects the psychological perspective, but it also affects all the habits and behavior of the children. A divorce always has an immediate negative impact on children’s minds. However, the intensity or level of the negative impact lessens with the level of the maturity, reasoning and understanding capability of the children.

Although some divorce in which the parents have frequent arguments and violent conflicts can prove to be beneficial for the child’s mental health. If divorces were limited only to marriages which have a lot of violent arguments and conflicts, then it is generally to the children's best interest.

It has been proven that a parent’s unhappiness and discord in a marriage can lead to have a broad negative impact on the child’s emotional health. Similarly, every dimension of a child’s wellbeing is negatively impacted when his parents are going through a divorce. When marriages with relatively less conflicts end in divorce, which is as many as two thirds of the divorces, the situation of the children is much worse following a divorce. Thus, it is important for the parents considering divorce to work out their issues rather than opt for a divorce.

Kids often blame themselves for their parent’s divorce. Though as adults, it is obvious to us that the children are completely innocent in such situations. Ultimately the guilt in the child can result in poor self worth, anxiety and emotional distress immediately after the divorce and later in life. They will also probably feel extremely vulnerable, frightened and possibly abandoned. The security of their very existence is threatened by a divorce.

Loss of family and the loss of constant company of both parents can result in a feeling of dislocation. This cycle of loss often stirs many extreme emotions randomly and results in feelings of anger, guilt, fear and sadness. The young minds are confused and fail to see any logic or order in their lives.

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Does Divorce Have Negative Impact On Children

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Does Divorce Have Negative Impact On Children ? )
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