Long Term Effects Of Divorce On Children  

There are many debates on the long term effects of divorce in children. Based on statistical research, it is believed that children who have suffered a parental divorce are more prone to alcohol addiction and drug abuse besides other undesirable habits. They take less interest in their academic performance and often drop out from schools. Their ability to develop the understanding of mathematical concepts is hampered.

After the parents divorce, many children refrain from practicing their religious beliefs, views on faith, and generally lose a positive mindset. The long-term effects of divorce on children are related to the child’s age during the divorce. Feeling abandoned or feeling responsible for the divorce can negatively impact the child’s self-esteem. These long term effects of divorce on children can influence the child’s social growth and future relationships.

In addition to feeling abandoned, these children may feel as though the non-custodial parent abandoned them to the custodial parent. Some children of divorced parents learn to expect relationships to be temporary. This consequently affects their ability to trust others in their lives. There are plenty of parents who do not consider the possible negative on their children before filing for divorce.

The effects of divorce are far too many to list, the most common long term effects of divorce on children is the financial status of the custodian parent after the divorce. This type of change will affect many things from their clothing to food, housing and even the financial support the child receives. Children associate their relationships to that of their parents most of the time, and therefore attribute all their relationship problems to the divorce and suffer negative impact following a divorce.

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Long Term Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Long Term Effects Of Divorce On Children )
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