Psychological Effects Divorce Has On Children  

The pain experienced by children at the beginning of a divorce is a mix of sad feelings like a strong sense of vulnerability as the family disintegrates. Children suffer from grief at the loss of their family structure. This is because many young children do not realize their parents' relationship is troubled.

In addition, the loss of the non-custodial parent results in a feeling of intense anger and strong feelings of powerlessness witnessing the complete disintegration of the family.

The children find it very difficult to get over the feeling of insecurity even in adulthood. The number of often unavoidable changes that accompany divorce can affect the child’s sense of security and make them fearful of the future. Children of divorced parents may feel rejected and unloved by the parent who no longer resides with them.

The psychological effects of divorce on children depend greatly on the father. It is critical for both boys and girls to have a male and a female role model in their lives. The less the father is available in his son or daughter’s life, the more negative the psychological effects of divorce is on the child.

Age too makes a difference in the psychological effects of divorce on children. Though it is believed that younger children suffer more, but the long-term effects are often very similar in all ages of children. It is common for pre-school aged children to become very withdrawn, angry and seemingly impossible to please, while the common psychological effects of divorce on children in middle and high school consist of fantasizing about their parents getting back together. Some of these children may resort to the use of drugs and alcohol to ease the pain they experience in the broken home.

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Psychological Effects Divorce Has On Children

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Psychological Effects Divorce Has On Children )
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