What Percent Of Marriages End In Divorce ?  

Divorce is something that is never discussed as a possibility while getting into a marriage. But as the time passes and problems start coming up into a relationship this appears to be the only solution left before the people. Divorce is not an easy decision to be taken neither it is so easy to face the consequences that it brings to the entire family especially the children.

As far as the percentage of marriages ending up with a divorce are concerned, then the rates may vary as per the countries and individual cases. Still an average divorce rate that has been generalized throughout is considered to be around 40 to 50 percent for the first marriages. This is then 60 to 67 percent for second marriages and round about 74 percent for third or later marriages. It implies that the higher number of marriages means higher chances of divorce for an individual.

The rates differ in terms of the couples having their own children. In that case, these couples are known to have lower divorce rates as compared to the childless couples. Though divorce rate is increasing throughout the world in general and the United States in particular but some of the states having the highest divorce rates include Arkansas, Wyoming and Nevada. In few cases, divorce may be the only solution to get out of a failed relationship but still there can be other ways to reconsider the relation and sustain it throughout. It is important for the couples that they find out the lost love and that is all that can create magic to a relationship.

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What Percent Of Marriages End In Divorce ?

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What Percent Of Marriages End In Divorce ? )
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