Abortion And Fathers Rights  

When it comes to a child, we seldom talk about the rights of a father. The primary focus is always on the mother. We often hear of cases stressing of the rights of a mother, wherein the mother wants to have the child but the father desires an abortion. However, there are many cases where the circumstances are entirely opposite. The father wants to keep the pregnancy, while the mother seeks an abortion.

In America, the judiciary grants the woman higher powers of decision when it comes to going ahead with a pregnancy or not. In fact, as per law it is not even mandatory for the woman to inform her partner, boyfriend or husband about her decision of aborting the fetus. In the United Kingdom in the years 1987 and 2001, the male gender got together to move the court to gain rights of prevention against abortion sought by the mother. However, their move turned out to be futile.

The Chinese law has been rather thoughtful about the father’s rights linked to abortion. As per a new law established in the year 2002 in China, a man and woman share equal rights of decision of having or aborting a child. It is unfortunate that most legal authorities in countries across the world do not give the father any rights in either keeping or aborting an embryo.

In a rather biased law stance followed in most nations, while a father does not have the right to stop his partner from an abortion, in a reverse case scenario he can neither escape the financial responsibility of nurturing the child. To come to think of it practically, the law is debatable. While on one hand, it does not seem appropriate for one parent to be completely kept away from any decisive rights; on the other hand after all once the fetus is conceived the father has little to do with the pregnancy until the delivery. So, the fundamental power should rightfully rest with the mother who bears the child for 9 months in her womb.

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