Unmarried Fathers Rights Of Access To Children  

Fathers, who are unmarried, do not find it easy to win visitation rights and child custody from the family courts. They have to really struggle to get legal rights in order to spend some time with their kids since the law does not automatically grant permission for the same.

Surprisingly, the legal hassles are no less even if the name of the father is registered in the birth details of the child. However, fathers can obtain joint guardianship at the complete discretion of the child’s mother. In this case, a legal agreement is signed in order to give the father a better access to the child.

Parental responsibility of the child is directly conferred to the mother. At the time of child’s birth, if the parents are married, the father would be given the parental responsibility automatically. Otherwise, the father still remains liable to child support though he may not be granted parental responsibility legally.

Parental responsibility gives the power to the father to be involved in major decisions of the child’s life. If the child was born prior to December 2003, unmarried fathers may take on the responsibility of a parent by marrying the child's mother, obtaining a legal order through the court, signing a legal Parental Responsibility Agreement with mutual consent or appointing himself as the child’s guardian.

In case the child was born after the 1st of December 2003, the child’s birth should be registered along with the mother when the birth takes place, or the birth details should be registered again with that of the mother.

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