Sample Foster Care Audit Guidelines  

There are audits of different foster care units as per the government’s guidelines and requirements. In general, the audits identify the factors like the need for residential foster care services, the type of children who most require and benefit from the services, identifying the skills and training required by the staff, and monitoring and evaluating the care that the children are provided through residential care services.

An audit is generally conducted every year of the current caregivers in the foster care system to obtain up-to-date data, and determine their availability for placements. Enhanced screening and monitoring of the foster care givers and the provision of training opportunities for them is also monitored.

A sample audit by a child care committee comprises of four guidelines. Mandatory twelve hour pre-service training for approved child caregivers, standard training, a further of three training sessions of two hours each, completion of three further advanced training workshop sessions a year and development of a culturally appropriate package to assist indigenous organizations to train indigenous foster caregivers.

There are many other guidelines covered in the audits to the support the child, namely, remuneration that the foster caregiver requires to covers all expenses of caring for a child, and plans for the child's well being and future. In terms of audit adjustments, the uncovered costs have to be properly disclosed in the Independent Accountant’s Report on agreed procedures. In addition, there should be footnotes for adjustments made to the already existing schedules. Audit findings must be specific to the criteria upon which the adjustment is based and they must mention the fiscal period.

The audit guidelines for the foster caregivers involve a detailed look into their incomes, family backgrounds, and previous experiences with a foster child if any. The audits in terms of expenditures are classified under allowable expenditures like security, travel, living expenses and unallowable expenses like interest expenses.

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Sample Foster Care Audit Guidelines

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Sample Foster Care Audit Guidelines )
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