What To Expect With Foster Care ?  

There are two outlooks to expectations of foster care. One could be as an expectant foster parent; while the other is of a common man who is not involved with foster care. As an expectant foster parent there are some things these parents anticipate or expect.

Foster parents must learn to accept that the child they are fostering has just been through some form of stress and difficult times in their lives. They must develop the patience to cope with the child. Increasing their understanding and empathy toward the child helps to take care for the child as if he or she were their own.

With foster care, one can expect that the child may not be as attached to his new parents as they know their actual or biological parents. It may be difficult for the child to grow close and trust the foster parents initially if the child has had a traumatic experience earlier due to abuse in some form. It is important to recognize how abuse and neglect affects child development and the consequential effects in the child’s personality.

Caregivers need to be sensitive to the child’s experience of leaving their own family behind and adjusting in the new environment. In some unfortunate cases, the child might end up developing undesirable habits, or anti-social characteristics from the stay in the foster home. However, most of the time the purpose of foster care is to develop a healthy mindset and growth in the child.

It is the primary purpose of a foster home to take care and raise the child in a manner that will make him capable of living independently in the future. Foster parents also keep the biological parents updated about their child’s progress and situation, and involve the parents as much as possible in the child’s life.

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What To Expect With Foster Care

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What To Expect With Foster Care ? )
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