Define Legal Separation  

A married couple may still remain married but live separate lives by going through a process called legal separation. The court order given during this process gives the couple enough time to make financial adjustments like settlement of bills, property possession and temporary support of finances. The agreement also details out on temporary child care and custody arrangements. Some couples, however, prefer legal separation than divorce due to their moral or religious bindings.

Legal separation may not really end in divorce in all cases. The couple can work out the relationship and reconcile in which case they can automatically get back to their normal lives. However, in case they want to proceed for a formal divorce, they would have to file for this process separately.

A legal separation does not really end the marriage. The court order just highlights the details of the responsibility and rights of each of the spouse during the separation period. Some examples of issues addressed in the agreement are debts, assets, child support and custody and schedules of visitation.

The legal agreement should be signed by both the spouses. In some cases, it is advisable to contact an attorney to finalize and verify the separation agreement before you sign. Without a court order, there is no legal protection for either of spouses should one of parties takes it upon themselves not to follow or stick to the agreement's terms and conditions.

The spouse moving out of the current residence should make sure that the name is removed from the rental leases or other important documents like bank or credit accounts and mortgages. Also, he or she needs to make sure that all mails and communication should reach the new address.

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Definition-Of-Legal-Separation      Couples who are facing a troubled marriage, but do not have the desire to end their relationship legally can apply for legal separation. This court order legally binds the couple in the marriage but allows them to lead separate lives. Certain important issues are addressed in the agreement like temporary financial arrangements, child custody and support, property possession, settlement of bills, credits and mortgages, rental arrangements, financial support for living, etc. More..




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