How To File For A Legal Separation ?  

Couples who are not happy in the current marital relationship but do not want to end it once for all can apply for legal separation. A court order should be obtained for the agreement to be valid.

A legal separation does not end the marriage. It only highlights the responsibility of the individual spouses and addresses certain issues like temporary financial arrangements, child custody and support as well as settlement of bills, credits and mortgages.

The legal separation agreement should be drafted carefully. This is because what you agree during this period would be set as precedence if you apply for a divorce in the future. Hence, you should be careful enough not to agree to any terms that may not suit you in the case of divorce settlement.

In order to file for legal separation, you need to enquire about the residency requirements of your respective state. You also can check the divorce laws of your state because the residency requirements of legal separation and divorce are just the same. It is highly recommended that you contact an attorney before you file a legal separation petition.

In addition to this, you need to file the legal separation agreement that highlights your binding on certain important liabilities like visitation, financial support, debt and mortgage payments, etc. In case both the partners do not file for legal separation jointly, then your spouse would be given certain time period to respond to your petition.

In case any of the terms written in the agreement is not agreeable to your spouse, a counter-petition may be filed. In that case, the final verdict would be given by a judge.

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How-To-Find-Online-Forms-For-Legal-Separation      Couples who do not want end the marriage but are not happy with continuing together as married partners can file for legal separation. This is generally the first step prior to a divorce, and gives time for the partners to think about distributing their responsibilities. During legal separation, the couple does not live together. Each state has got its own set of laws for residential requirements before applying for divorce. More..




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