Legal Separation And Conditional Green Card  

Green card may be issued to a person in case he or she is separated from their partner legally. Legal separation does not always end the marriage necessarily. Rather, it is a legal agreement which shows that the marriage has been broken and the couple is no longer together. Legal agreement may make one deal with all the similar conditions that are experienced in a divorce case such as child custody, division of property, visitation, child support, spousal support and so on.

When a person gets married to a citizen of the US, he or she may apply for a permanent residency which is based on the marital status of the claimant. It then takes around a year to get everything processed and to get done with the application of Green Card on the basis of marriage. Once the application process gets over, there is an interview that is conducted which may take more than an hour. If the person interviewing the claimant becomes satisfied that the marriage is completely valid, he or she may immediately approve the conditional Green Card. This card is legally valid for just toe years.

As far as legal separation and conditional Green Card re concerned, there are certain things to be clarified. As a legal separation does not end the marriage completely, the couple is believed to be married for the immigration purposes. A non US citizen still has a chance to get this Green Card, but the exceptions are seen when separations are brought in a jurisdiction where the couple filing it is considered to be divorced.

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Legal Separation And Conditional Green Card

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Legal Separation And Conditional Green Card )
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