Legal Separation Of Marriage  

Legal separation is generally chosen by couples who are unhappy in their married life but do not choose to end the marriage due to moral or religious inhibitions. This process also suits those couples who do not want to continue living together any longer but sometimes want to make temporary arrangements on important issues like child visitation, support and upbringing, property possession and other liabilities before getting legally separated.

Legal separation does not completely end the marriage. Hence, if the couple wants a divorce, then they have to file for the same separately. In some cases, the couples may decide to reconcile and start leading their life together.

The residential rules during the legal separation are the same as divorce laws. Hence, you can refer to the state residential laws for divorce to gather more information. The spouse who moves out of the residence should remove his or her name from important documents like rental leases and bills, credit accounts and mortgage payments.

Obtaining a court order is highly important because this would be a legal issue if one of the partners do not agree or abide to the terms. In addition, the terms agreed during legal separation would be set as precedence to divorce. This means that you should not consent to those terms that may not be agreeable to you after divorce.

Since incorrect and ambiguous information can get you into legal problems in the future, it is better to hire an attorney while drafting the separation agreement. A trusted attorney is sure to update you of the latest laws and help you through the process.

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