Questions To Ask Regarding Legal Separation  

A legal separation document is drafted by the couples who want to file for this process before divorce. The document highlights important issues like child custody and support, financial settlement and repayments, spousal support, etc…

It is advisable to hire a trusted attorney in order to be well informed about the latest rules and laws and also to make the agreement legally binding. In addition, even if one of the spouses decides to not abide by the agreement a court order would offer protection to the affected person.

A legal agreement would also help resolve conflicts in conditions that are not agreeable to the couple. In this case, the judge would give the verdict which would be signed upon mutual agreement.

The following are some issues that are essential to be considered:

  • Parental responsibility to the child
  • Child visitation, support and upbringing
  • Rental leases and agreements
  • Mortgage and loan repayments
  • Responsibilities of bank and other credit accounts
  • Property possession

Ensure that your name is removed from those documents which have financial and moral liabilities. Highlight those belongings that you are leaving at your spouse’s place when you move out that you would want to claim in case of applying for a divorce.

Never agree to any terms that you would not consent should you file for a divorce in the future. This is because the terms highlighted in the separation document would be set as precedence for divorce settlement.

All the new mails and communication should reach your new address in case you are the one who is moving out of family home.

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Define-Legal-Separation      A married couple may still remain married but live separate lives by going through a process called legal separation. The court order given during this process gives the couple enough time to make financial adjustments like settlement of bills, property possession and temporary support of finances. The agreement also details out on temporary child care and custody arrangements. Some couples, however, prefer legal separation than divorce due to their moral or religious bindings. More..




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