Rules Of Legal Separation  

Legal separation refers to a rule framed by the court that allows people to remain in their marriages yet live separately from their spouses. Almost every single issue is resolved through legal separation like the division of property or debts, child support, child custody and visitation.

There are some rules of legal separation that have been specified by the court and are followed in all states within the United States:

  • The very first rule includes the filing of a petition claiming legal separation. It is very important to file a petition in court falling under the country where the person filing the petition or the spouse resides. The separation cannot be obtained without the court’s order.
  • The couple is allowed to live either together under the same roof or may even live separately in different residents as per their choices.
  • The orders that have been issued by the court under the legal separation are considered to be forceful till the time it is not dismissed by court itself. This implies that once the couple reconciles afterwards, they are not allowed to terminate the legal separation on their own as this needs to be done by the court which requires the couple to file a motion for its dismissal.

As mentioned in the beginning, a legal separation is known to solve all the issues especially the financial matters between the couple. The court is free to order any kind of maintenance or allowance if found necessary by the court.

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Rules Of Legal Separation

What-Is-A-Legal-Separation      Legal separation seems to be an effective option to divorce. It appears as the best options available to all the people who do not wish to continue their marriage due to the inability to sustain it any longer. Legal separation allows a couple to reside separately in different residents even after remaining in the marriage. This is done after filing a petition in the court and once the court approves it, a couple is considered to be separated legally. More..




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