Christians And Adultery  

Adultery is considered as harmful for all marriages; whatever may be the situation, adultery has become common in today’s world. Adultery is often cited as grounds for divorce. If your better half is found involved in adultery or already has committed adultery, ask God to furnish you with the power to go the correct way and forgive your partner for the sin he/she has committed.

Most of the people in today’s generation are found to be adulterous and immoral. This only refers to the heathens in the society. Christians have a background of ethical environment, although they belong to a strong moral background but their thoughts reflects a debauched culture. It is described in the Bible not to commit adultery, but still many Christians are not following it and practicing adultery.

On adultery, one frequent question comes in mind - why should our community avoid adultery? Is it just because the God told us to do it; well he must have mentioned this for many logical reasons. Sex is one of the most important and pure creations of God. Hence, it is enunciated as good in God’s book, it should be surely safeguarded from adulteration. As we have laws to prevent us from unhygienic food and expired drugs that devastates our physical condition and happiness, similarly, God has created laws for sex, although the Holy Bible does not says anything against sex but always provides you information on how to prevent adulteration of Sex.

The teachings of Bible are meant for the sake of humanity, a message which God cannot give directly to all its followers and their generation. The Holy Bible says “Marriages are made in Heaven”, but some people have made marriage a contract to have legal sex. The people in this world are not ready to go back to Puritanism. People cannot hold the modern traditions they follow that have made woman a sex toy and marriage a joke.

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Christians And Adultery

Effects-Of-Adultery-On-The-Marriage      Adultery has sure impacts on marriage that may result to divorce. Adultery affects marriage in many ways and can be challenging for the couples or individuals suffering from it. There are several descriptions related to adultery, in which the most general is the noncompliance of the established marriage rules. A person becomes an adulterer when engages in extramarital sex violating the rules of marriage cheating his or her partner. Disloyalty and sexual acts outside marriage are some common examples of adultery. More..




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Christians And Adultery )
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