How Does Adultery Begin ?  

Adultery begins with our own set of misunderstandings and perceptions. Most of the adults think that adultery happens because God took us where we went, which is absolutely incorrect in fact God says in the Bible, marriages are made in heaven and broken because of immorality that individual create by themselves. Communicating with people around you, even with the opposite sex is not at all a problem. The problem persists as soon as you commence personal discussions with the person you are communicating with.

These intimate discussions with who you are, what you think within, what you look forward for your future, how strong your relationship is after marriage with your partner. These discussions are best when discussed between couples in a marriage. No one should know you closely other than your partner; otherwise these intimate discussions may lead towards adultery.

The main reasons found behind adultery are desires, temptations and lusts in a human being. God has given us brain to understand these, but when one loses control leads towards destruction. Every human being has desires, desire to sleep, eat, drink, and even to have sex, which is not at all wrong, but misusing of these desires may lead to self created problems. Sometimes to fulfill ore desires we go out of the track, do unlawful things, betray people, betray our own selves that is called temptation. Sometimes we are not able to control ourselves that is because of temptation.

Lust refers to very strong desires. It possibly is a desire that overwhelms you to something which may or may not be wrong. Lust can be for flesh, eyes and pleasures in life. The lust in an individual, no matter for whatever desire it is, could lead the person on a wrong way or even may the person immoral. Strong desires that our bodies have leads to lust for flesh that means, person desires increases for more sex. This is the reason why couples in adultery lean more towards extramarital sex.

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How Does Adultery Begin ?

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How Does Adultery Begin ? )
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