Impotence And Adultery  

Male impotency in man can be defined as lack of ability to have adequate erection in the sexual organ that restricts to have sex with the female partner. ED or erectile dysfunction is described as the man’s inability to have sufficient amount of rigidity to perform the act of sex. Erectile dysfunction can be due to health related problems, sexual disorders, psychological disorders and age dependent factor.

Erectile dysfunction is supposed to be increasing after a man crosses the age of 40 and could be increase more after the age of 60. Erectile dysfunction is more associated with patients of diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. It is also found in people who have a habit of smoking cigarette. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a general problem in most of the males, especially in males who have a habit of masturbating from young age.

The problem not only persists with males but also with females. Females do not suffer from erectile dysfunction, but have other sex related problems. Several women have psychological problems and fear of splitting of the aperture that pains and bleeds during the sexual act. Fear of getting other diseases isolates them from this pleasurable act. Hatred from men can be another cause to refrain.

Sex is a desire necessary as is the desire for food and water. Impotency can become a reason for adultery. Unsatisfied women sometimes go the wrong way to fulfill their desire which leads to adultery. Medical treatments for impotency are available but are not sure that the treatment will work on the patient. Couples in long relationship give time to each other but desires when not fulfilled become temptations that lead to extramarital affair. Impotent men are sometimes helpless and are not able to find a solution to the problem. The better halves of these men when left discontented perform the act of adultery. But it is found that in most of the cases, men are the adulterators.       

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Impotence And Adultery

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Impotence And Adultery )
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