Can A Sexless Marriage Work  

It is a common belief that a marriage without sex can never be successful and that such a sexless relation often leads to frustration and misery. In some cases, such a relation almost always ends in a divorce. But, quite interestingly, experts have a different view pertaining to sexless marriages.

Although no substantial evidence has yet been documented, Michele W. Davis, author of the bestseller, ‘The Sex-Starved Marriage’, found out from her research that only 1 in 20 couples in the US make love less than ten times annually. According to her, although sexless marriages are always on a shaky ground, they can work well, provided the couple is satisfied and happy with it. But, relationship therapists say that very few couples manage to remain happy even without having sex. This ideal scenario does exist, but is extremely rare.

Waning and waxing of passion and sexual desire at different stages in any long-term relation is quite natural. For example, a woman who has just given birth to a newborn will have the least desire to have sex with her partner. But, that does not mean that her marriage cannot work! It all depends on the mutual understanding between spouses. But, in majority of cases, partners of a sexless marriage tend o find a sex partner elsewhere and this infidelity in relation is bound to put an end to the relation some or the other day.

Thus, a sexless marriage can certainly work well provided the partners make a sincere effort to make it work. If you too are going through such a phase, you can remake your marital bed by talking, reigniting your sensuality, and touching. Be realistic and if nothing seems to work, seek help of relationship specialists or marriage counselors.

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Can A Sexless Marriage Work

Definition-Of-Sexless-Marriage      Sexless marriage can be defined as a marriage wherein little or negligible sex happens between the spouses. According to the recent estimates made by Laumann and his team in 1994, nearly 2 percent married respondents claimed that they had not been sexually intimate with their partners for last 1 year. More..




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