Definition Of Sexless Marriage  

Sexless marriage can be defined as a marriage wherein little or negligible sex happens between the spouses. According to the recent estimates made by Laumann and his team in 1994, nearly 2 percent married respondents claimed that they had not been sexually intimate with their partners for last 1 year.

The term ‘non-sexual marriage’ or ‘sexless marriage’ is usually used with a broader meaning, to include all those marriages wherein the frequency of having sex was below 10 times in 1 year. If this definition is taken into consideration, around 20 percent of married couples in the US, surveyed in NHSLS, would fall under the category of ‘sexless marriages’.

Recent research has revealed an interesting fact that sexless marriages usually arise eventually from those marriages which involved a very high frequency of sex in the past. Also, marriages that are done merely for a legal purpose, availing tax benefits, or for obtaining resident status of the country soon develop into non-sexual marriage. Other common causes that may lead to loss of sexual desire between partners include busy work schedules of one or both the partners, adultery, addiction to pornography, lack of sexual compatibility, erectile dysfunction in men or vaginismus in men, excessive masturbation, asexuality, illness, clinical depression, STDs, post-pregnancy imbalance in women, and conflicts over different issues.

As per the aforementioned definition of sexless marriage, you will qualify under this category if you get sexually intimate with your partner less than ten times every year or less than even once every month! Nevertheless, the given definition is general and does not apply to any individual or couple specifically.

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Definition Of Sexless Marriage

How-To-Cope-In-A-Sexless-Marriage      According to the recent NHSLS data, 15 percent to 20 percent marriages in the U.S. fall under the category of sexless marriages, the marriages wherein frequency of sex between the 2 partners in less than 10 times a year. These marriages can be caused due to various reasons, including sexual incompatibility, sexual dysfunction, less communication, busy schedules, excessive masturbation, infidelity, etc. More..




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