How To Cope In A Sexless Marriage ?  

According to the recent NHSLS data, 15 percent to 20 percent marriages in the U.S. fall under the category of sexless marriages, the marriages wherein frequency of sex between the 2 partners in less than 10 times a year. These marriages can be caused due to various reasons, including sexual incompatibility, sexual dysfunction, less communication, busy schedules, excessive masturbation, infidelity, etc.

Irrespective of what the reason is, the future of the relation depends entirely on the couple. Such marriages do not necessarily end up in a separation. If you and your partner make a little effort, you can cope well in such a situation. Following are a few tips that you can follow to make your sexless marriage work:

  • The most important thing to cope in sexless marriage is communication. Often, due to our busy schedules at work, we tend to find almost no time to communicate with our partners. If you feel that sexual intimacy is lacking in your relationship, you need to talk about it to your partner as soon as possible. In case, you or your partner is refraining from sex unwillingly, you must consult a psychologist or a sexologist immediately.
  • In case, you both have mutually agreed upon leading a sexless marriage, you must try and find out ways in which both of you can fulfill the sexual needs of each other to prevent frustration from developing in an otherwise beautiful relationship.
  • If you think sex is mandatory in marriage and that your relation lacks something that is so necessary, you will never remain happy. You can cope up with your sexual urge by engaging more in creative activities.
  • Therapies and sex counseling are also very helpful at times.

Thus, it is not a difficult thing to cope in sexless marriages and the aforementioned steps can help you sustain your beautiful relation even after sexual incompatibility with your spouse.

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How To Cope In A Sexless Marriage ?



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How To Cope In A Sexless Marriage ? )
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