What To Do About A Sexless Marriage ?  

Do you feel lonely at times despite having your spouse besides you just because there is no sexual intimacy left in your marriage? Do you sometimes feel that your marriage is no more as beautiful as it used to be in the first few years? Is your partner’s lack of interest in sex adding to your frustration? If yes, you need not worry. There are many ways in which you can make your sexless marriage work.

Contrary to the popular belief, not all sexless marriages end in separation. Sustaining a beautiful relationship for a long-term depends entirely on the efforts made by you and your partner. Here are a few ways in which one can save his/her sexless marriage:

  • Make sure you initiate a blame-free, open communication with your spouse to explain your problems and to discuss the possible issue that your partner might have in his/her mind regarding sexual intimacy. Blaming each other, pretence of any kind, and failure to give up your ego are the main things that will never let you fix your non-sexual marriage.
  • Try to identify the cause behind lack of intimacy. A sudden decrease in frequency of sex in your marriage can be the result of resentment, anger, medication, sexual dysfunction, or even infidelity. Sexless marriages are not problems, but warning signals of more serious issues that might surface in future.
  • After the problem has been identified, you must find some solution that is mutually agreeable to both of you. If you are finding it difficult to find a good solution, you can always consult a psychologist or relationship therapist.

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What To Do About A Sexless Marriage ?

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What To Do About A Sexless Marriage ? )
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