Prenup Agreements Under Statute Of Frauds  

At best, prenuptial agreements are a partial solution to avert some of the risks of marital property disputes in times of divorce. However, they are not the final word in case a couple decides to part ways. Nevertheless, they can be very effective in dividing property assets and alimony and help partners to get their rightful shares.

These agreements have the power to make a will and eliminate all your rights to property, probate homestead and allowance, right to take as a predetermined heir, and the right to act as an executor and administrator of your spouses' estate. This is an earnest attempt to prevent fraud and ensure that contract gets judicial recognition. It can be considered as enforcement, at a minimum, to one or several of minimal requirements as stated initially, but not limited to the statute. This requires statements in writing for any negotiations.

The Statute of Frauds refers to statutory provisions that require certain kinds of contracts to be set out in writing in order for them to meet the legal requirements as well as be enforceable. Hence, under the Statute of Frauds a number of state statutes provide that prenuptial agreements must be in writing. Prenuptial agreements are governed under the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act, Family Code §1610 et seq.  

Moreover, according to the Statute of Frauds, a prenuptial agreement is only legitimate if it is signed prior to the marriage. If two people got married and signed a prenuptial agreement, then it would be considered an invalid agreement, which may not be enforced in court nor recognized by the rule of law.

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Prenup Agreements Under Statute Of Frauds

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