Can A Minor Obtain A Restraining Order ?  

A restraining order is a legal order issued by a court to protect a person from physical pain or injury, or the intimidation of harm or injury. It is commonly issued against a family member like a husband, ex-husband, father of your child or a household member.

However, you can take out a restraining order against any person who stalks, harasses, intimidates or harms you. This can be a person with whom you live with or used to live with or someone you have just dated. One does not have to be married to the person to get a restraining order against him or her.

However, it is important to provide the person’s residence and office address to the legal authorities. One can check the restraining order form to know against whom a restraining order is placed. The order will tell the accused that he cannot come within a certain distance of the complainant. The order also legally prevents the restrained from abusing the complainant by deeds or words.

It also has the power to give temporary custody of one’s children. The person restrained has to think twice before coming near with evil intentions or even verbally abusing the complainant. In case the accused person does not respect the terms of the restraining order, he can be arrested. Children who are under eighteen years of age can also be protected by restraining orders.

However, there may be some limitations to the order. The parents or guardian can help the minor children along the way and get a protective order for them. However, if it is from the parents that the child needs to be protected, their presence will be restricted by the court.  In such cases, the Department of Social Services might help to solve the situation.  High schools and colleges may also have provisions to help abused children.

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Can A Minor Obtain A Restraining Order

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Can A Minor Obtain A Restraining Order ? )
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